Ye Olde Frequently Asked Fudge Questions

Why does our fudge not melt?

 There are two main reasons.  First, we use ingredients not prone to melting.  Specifically, we use heavy cream instead of butter.  Second, we slice our fudge while still warm so that each slice forms a firm outer shell.  The shell protects the softer, creamy interior.  Thus, as long as you do not cut or break into the slice, we guarantee the fudge will not melt under “reasonable” circumstances.  “Reasonable” does not include microwaving or leaving on a sun drenched dashboard!

What makes our fudge different?

 Unlike other producers of fudge, we do not use trans fats (i.e., partially hydrogenated oils) or similar ingredients to preserve our fudge.  We use only all natural ingredients.  The bad news is that our fudge won’t last into the next century like those other fudges.  The good news is that our fudge is far healthier for you.  When you consider the antioxidant powers of cocoa and its scientifically proven benefits to vascular health, our fudge is “practically” health food!  It is our humble medical opinion that you should eat a slice a day!

Is our fudge fresh?

 Our fudge is ALWAYS fresh.  We make our fudge most days of the week, starting in the early morning for best results.

How long does our fudge stay fresh?

 It is usually best to eat our fudge within 10 to 14 days.  Although our fudge can remain edible for some time after that, if you wait too long to eat it, you can always retain a slice for use as a paperweight or doorstop.

What is the best way to take care of our fudge?

 It is generally best to keep our fudge at room temperature as packaged, and to “cut as you go”, using a sharp knife.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE OUR FUDGE since that tends to dry it out faster.  Wrapping a slice in plastic is risky since that can lessen the effectiveness of the hardened shell, but can also extend its freshness.  Our fudge can be frozen should you wish to keep it for an extended period of time.  If you do so, wrap the fudge very tightly (e.g., saran wrap, then foil and finally place in an airtight freezer bag).

Does weather affect the texture of our fudge?

 Absolutely!  Weather greatly affects our fudge.  Cold weather and/or low humidity makes the harder outer shell more pronounced and the fudge less moist.  Hot and/or humid weather makes the shell less effective and the interior of the fudge more creamy.  Since our weather in Solvang fluctuates greatly (sometimes even during a given day), you will find the texture of our fudge similarly fluctuates.  Some flavors are affected more dramatically than others.  Come visit us or order online throughout the year to see for yourself!  Do so for the sake of science to lessen the guilt!