Old Danish Fudge Kitchen

Old Danish Fudge Kitchen strives to be a premier retail destination in which to both shop and work. For our customers, that means fast, friendly service, and a quality shopping experience each and every visit, from the moment a customer enters our store until the moment she leaves. For our employees, that means a dynamic, friendly, fun and fair work environment. Every staff member plays an essential role in our success. To achieve our goal, we seek only staff members who possess the following characteristics:

1. Dependable: Our employees are given a great deal of responsibility and must show up when scheduled, on time, ready to work.
2. Trustworthy: Our employees must perform their job duties as directed, and be able to handle the responsibilities appropriately, even when not supervised.
3. Engaged: Our employees must be focused on their job duties, and must take pride in their work. Our employees must have the initiative to learn and to become better, be self-motivated, proactive and have a strong work ethic.
4. Good Attitude: Our employees must be friendly and positive with customers and fellow employees.
5. Available: This job will require you to work on weekends and holidays. You must be able to work our busiest times of year, such as 3 day weekends and during high travel seasons. That doesn’t mean you will need to work every weekend and holiday, however, if you are someone who will consistently need such times off, this is not the job for you.
6. Team Player: Our employees must be willing and able to follow our rules. People who cannot follow our rules cannot work here.


By clicking on the Apply Now button below, I acknowledge I have read and understand the desired characteristics of Old Danish Fudge Kitchen employees, and represent that I believe I possess these characteristics, and if hired, will strive to exhibit these characteristics throughout my employment. 


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