About Us

Old Danish Food Farm Inc. first opened its door in 1961. We are located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in the Danish Capital of America, Solvang, California. 
Our fudge recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, dating back to the late 1800s. We use an old fashioned copper pot heated over a gas burning stove to mix our 25 pound batches, using only all natural ingredients. The ingredients are boiled and then poured onto one of our 750 pound Vermont marble tables. Once the fudge has cooled sufficiently, a large paddle is used to “cream” the fudge. The “creaming” process continues to cool the fudge, but, most importantly, the “creaming” breaks down the sugars in the fudge so that the resulting fudge is creamy in texture. As the fudge cools and thickens, a smaller spatula is used to form the fudge into a long loaf. Finally, the fudge is hand sliced into quantities of approximately 1/2 of a pound, and is ready to enjoy.

Remarkably, our fudge does not melt when left in a full slice. This is true primarily for 2 reasons. First, we use a heavy cream in place of butter. Second, we slice the fudge while it is still warm so that each slice cools to form a harder, protective shell. Therefore, we can ship our fudge from our store to your door 365 days a year.